Our past productions

2013 to 2023 - 10 years of Derby Youth Musical Theatre
Nativity review and photo gallery


- 2023 -

"I have to applaud the entire cast and production team for putting on a show of such professional quality. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the performances, the staging, everything!

Crazy For You review

Crazy For You

- 2022 - 

"Yet another show with a standing ovation, showing just how much we appreciated the array of talent who sang and danced their socks off for our enjoyment."

Bring It On review

Bring It On

- 2021 -

"We were dazzled by the dancing, loved the songs and were whooping and cheering on our feet."

Barnum review


- 2019 - 

"I was blown away by the skills shown in this group, with their juggling, unicycle and tight rope walking, together with singing, dancing and acrobatics."

Legally Blonde Review

Legally Blonde 

- 2018 - 

"An abundance of youthful talent right across the cast; musically secure, well-acted throughout, with crisp, energetic and most effective choreography."

West Side Story review

West Side Story

- 2017 - 

"The cast work like a well oiled theatre machine. For such young performers, they put some professional shows to shame with their energy and stage craft."

Guys and Dolls review

Guys & Dolls

- 2016 -

"Derby’s finest youth group triumphs with another exceptional production. Another assured production of a beloved classic."

The Phantom of the Opera review

The Phantom of the Opera

- 2015 - 

"Derby Youth Musical Theatre are fearless and ambitious in tackling the classics and this is by far their greatest triumph yet."

Grease review


- 2014 - 

"They’ve done it again! This is certainly the liveliest, most energetic and joyous musical this year. The orchestra was exceptional!"

Our House review

Our House

- 2013 -

"A confident, uplifting statement of intent - to thrill, entertain and enthral the audience. It could not have been more successful."

2013 to 2023 - 10 years of Derby Youth Musical Theatre