DYMT is looking for individuals or companies who would like to sponsor their forthcoming 2015 production.

By offering sponsorship to this group you will be helping these young people to perform a high quality show and you will enable them to showcase their talents for musical theatre to the full.

Sponsorship can be of any kind, from a single monetary donation to allowing the group to make use of any equipment or facilities that a company may be able to offer us. We have already been offered substantial help in promoting the show through sponsorship of our printing requirements of posters, flyers, programmes etc. but there are many other ways in which sponsorship can help us to ease the costs and infrastructure of a big production.

In return for any sponsorship DYMT would be pleased to offer a range of complimentary benefits to any individual or company that will offer us help. The level of benefits will depend on the amount or type of sponsorship.

We are offering three levels of benefits ranging from complimentary seats (at SILVER LEVEL) to our most prestigious PLATINUM LEVEL which will offer, in addition to complimentary seats and drinks, chauffeur driven transport to and from the theatre for any performance of choice.

If you feel you can help or you know of any company or organisation that would be interested in sponsoring any aspect of the production please contact us on:


or via our e mail:

Sponsors of the 2015 Production of Phantom of the Opera

Manor Pharmacy
Tel: 01332 347926
Web: www.manorpharmacy.co.uk

Just 30 Media and Marketing Ltd
Tel: 01283 703669
Web: www.just30.com